Bmall Mid Century Modern Waterproof Polyester Fabric Ba…

This bath curtain is perfect to decor your home,add a modern style to it. This colorful pattern is a fresh color to update your room. Made of 100% polyester fabric,waterproof. In addition, this tough durable fabric allows for easy cleaning. Images imprinted using heat dye sublimation technique for lasting effects. Don’t hesitate,set the theme of bathroom with a personalized shower curtain to match the tile and vanity colors now! Once more, if you have the photos you interest, I can printed if on the shower curtain for you. So, come on custom itWATERPROOF FABRIC can be used with or without a vinyl under liner, fabric is completely waterproof and is able to stand alone without any additional curtains (shower curtain hooks are included)
Customized Bathroom Shower Curtain with 3D Printing,valentines day shower curtain
HEALTH AND SAFETY: Non-Smell, Non-Hardening in winter and Machine washable.
Waterproof / Mold, Mildew and Soap Resistant NON PEVA
Prevent water from splashing out of the shower stall

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