Asshole Refuses To Stop Smoking At The Gas Station, Doesn’t Expect What’s About To Come

A few weeks ago we made a funny post about rules and the people who intentionally broke them. There are some rules however, that are there for good reason and if you do break them, by Jove there will be consequences.

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And so we come to the gas station. Highly flammable liquids and gasses. Seems pretty logical to refrain from smoking right? Not for this douchebag, he‘ll smoke where he likes, thank you very much. Isn’t somebody going to put him in his place? Where are the gas station attendants? Somebody do something about this arrogant rogue!

Enter the hero of the day, a gas station employee has spotted the danger and is on the case. Watch the video below and see how he deals with the smug smoker, it’ll have you in stitches! And remember kids, smoking is bad, m’kay?

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