P3 P3 P4250 Kill A Watt Co2 Wireless

Now there’s an easy way to monitor your power usage. Simply plug the Kill A Watt CO2 Wireless sensor into a wall outlet, plug in any appliance and the will transmit data to the central LCD display.

Built-in software allows you to customize the device to fit your needs by giving you the ability to take KWH (kilowatt hour) data and combine it with the type of electricity that is generated in your area (i.e. coal, hydro, atomic). This is a powerful combination of data that allows you to accurately calculate your carbon footprint.

Now you can forecast your electricity costs by the day, week, month or even an entire year. Features a range of 300 feet and can be used with up to 8 sensors (sold separately).
Includes P4255 Kill A Watt(r) Co2 Accessory Sensor & P4225 Display
allows User To Calculate The Carbon Footprint Of Appliances
Monitors Power Consumption Remotely Within A 300ft Wireless Range
Calculates Carbon Emissions & Costs By The Day, Week, Month & Year
Can Be Used With Up To 8 Sensors

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