Why You Shouldn’t Judge People Before Talking To Them First

They might not admit to it, but moms gossip about each other just as much as their kids in school sometimes. Australian blogger and mom-of-4 Constance Hall wants to put an end to it, and recently penned a powerful Facebook post that encourages moms (and everyone) to re-evaluate how they treat each other.

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It all started when Hall began noticing a rather ‘posh’ mom turning up to pick up her kids after school. Observing the woman’s pulled-together demeanor made her question her own self-confidence, and before she knew it, she was swept up in a wave of gossip with other moms. What happened next, however, gave her a “big reality check,” and inspired her to share a story that now has more than 82 thousand likes and 7 thousand shares.

Find out how this woman rose above the negativity she felt, struck a chord with moms everywhere, and created a motto worth living by below, and tell us what you think in the comments!

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Australian mom and blogger Constance Hall decided to fight gossip among moms by sharing her own story

It all started with an encounter she had with another “posh” mom at her kids’ school:

Hall, a mom-of-4, successfully rose above the negativity around her, and coined a motto worth living by

Her post also struck a chord with other moms, many of whom came forward with their own stories

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