Geekled Usb Powered 6-led Pcb Light: 5 Keychain Mini Us…

Each package contains 5 mini USB powered 6-LED PCB lights. Each is capacitive-touch-controlled when touched on the back logo area. A single touch will either turn on or off the gadget light. Holding the the back for extended time will either increase or decrease the turned on light intensity. Extended use of the light at full capacity will generate some noticeable heat. The device consumes 5 volts at a range of 0.0A – 0.20A.

* Package Contents: 5 mini USB powered 6 LED White light with touch control dimmer PCB sticks.
* Power Consumption: 1W 5V power, low power consumption.
* Small size, easy to carry and convenient to use.
* Double-sided USB design, easily reverse orientation.
* Many possible uses
* Compatible with all standard USB devices, power banks, mobile chargers, computers or laptops
* Dimensions (L x W x H): 42.6 x 12.1 x 3.5mm
* Product Weight: 15g
* Package Dimensions (L x W): 140 x 80mm
* Approved: CE
* After Sales Service: 1 Year WarrantyDimmable Control: Touch to turn on or off. Hold to increase or decrease brightness.
Reversible USB Design: Use the light in the most convenient orientation for your application.
Convenient Keychain Size: The gadget is small enough to be with you when you need it.
Super Bright White LED: 6 Bright LED lights can be adjusted to fit your environment with the touch of your finger.

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