10 Pallet Bed Ideas That You Will Love

We are big fans of pallet projects at Creativepotting and here are 10 super cool beds made out of repurposed wooden pallets that you will love to sleep on. :) Those beds are so amazing that I know someone that will not be happy at all, he is from the North, his name start with I and end with A ;)

The cool thing with pallet beds is that you can build them the way you need. You can tailor the pallet bed to store your clothes, shoes, or some other stuff that you’d like to hide from sight. It can be a big platform or a half platform, you can different levels or you can stack the pallets to create more storage space. Also a nice ides is to put some lights into spare space between pallets for a cool effects. So the only limit is your imagination :)

As always with pallets, before starting any project, check if your pallet is safe for not for your health, even more if you plan to make a bed with it. All the informations on pallet safety can be found @1001Pallets.com

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