12 Villages Cut Off From The World In Which You’ll Dream To Escape

Today around the world, over 3.9 billion people live in cities. And, according to the United Nations, this should increase to 6.4 billion by 2050. However, many people prefer to live in small villages, often isolated, and whose charm is incomparable to the biggest cities on the planet. CreativeSpotting invites you to discover these lovely villages scattered around the world as urban life does not suit to everyone. We can see through these pictures the ingenuity of these small colonies that manage to create beautiful places to live in. Fom Island Mykines, with only 13 permanent inhabitants, to the floating islands of Uros in Peru, these isolated villages are worth a look.

Bandiagara (Mali) – Image: Anthony Asael

Huacachina (Peru) – Image: Deddeda

Isortoq (Greenland) – Image: Mathieu Paley

Monemvasia (Greece) – Image: Fracnk Guiziou

Mykines (Faroe Islands) – Image: Olaf Kruger

Phuktal Gompa (India) – Image: Julian Calder

Sa Pa (Vietnam) – Image: Robert Harding

Tristan de Cunha (South Atlantic) – Image: Geoff Renner

Undredal (Norway) – Image: Atlantide Phototravel

Floating Islands of Uros (Peru) -Image: Atlantide Phototravel

Vallone di Furore (Italia) – Image: Rene Mattes

The Gorges of Verdon (France) – Image: Tom Bean

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