Old Wooden Oak Molds Lamps

“The concept of this series is based on the contrast of materials and refers to the traditional craft of crystal glass blowing into an oak mold. The fact that something so fine and pure in shape as crystal glass is formed in something so raw and fundamentally primitive as a charred glass mold fascinated us. We tried to create a light that combines the elegance of crystal with the rusticity of a wooden form clinched with iron nails. Our design reveals the harsher aspect of traditional glass making, which is hidden in the background of production. Thanks to this, the Moulds collection brings very strong emotions into interiors. Especially the composition of different “overblown” shapes create an impressive scenery. Because the integrated LED source was inserted directly into the charred mold, it creates the impression that the heat and the energy of the glass furnace remain stored inside, as well as the efforts of the Czech glassmakers…”

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