How to Grow Lemon Trees from Seed

How would you like to have your very own lemon tree at home? This can be solved easily as you can grow your own lemon seeds and plant a tree wherever you want. We advice you to use organic lemon seeds for this project. Take one lemon, peel it and take out the seeds. Leave the seeds to dry. After that peel of the shell of each seed gently and make sure you leave the inside untouched. Buy a flower pot and soil and prepare it carefully, then plant the seeds. Add water to moisten the soil. Cover the soil entirely with pebbles and cover the flower pot with a plastic wrap. Find a warm place for the pot and leave it there. Once the lemon seeds begin to sprout remove the plastic wrap to leave enough space for your plant to grow. Don’t forget to moisten to soil regularly. Be patient and take care of your plant as it will take a long time until the first lemon will appear. It usually takes around 8-10 years for the first fruit to grow. This will be a slow process but it’s worth the wait as you will never forget the taste of the first lemon from you own tree.

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