Animal Sculptures Made from Ocean Debris by Gilles Cenazandotti

Inspired by the mass of objects floating in the ocean, artist Gilles Cenazandotti fills bags full of plastic debris that the sea has washed ashore and turns them into beautiful works of art. Lighters, flip-flops, tubes of sunscreen and all the products of our throwaway culture are transformed into a bestiary of recycled waste animals. Speaking about his work Cenazandotti said, “Impressed by everything that the Sea, in turn, rejects and transforms, on the beaches I harvest the products derived from petroleum and its industry. The choice of animals that are part of the endangered species completes this process. In covering these animals with a new skin harvested from the banks of the Sea, I hope to draw attention to this possible metamorphosis – to create a trompe l’oeil of a modified reality.”

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