20 Repurposed DIY Vintage Books Ideas

It’s always a pleasure to read a good book. Everyone at home have a lot of books, new books or vintage books. No matter how old they are, they are priceless. So, if you have some old books that take a lot of space, maybe you should make something interesting with them. For example, you can make nice lamps or coffee tables with them. Also, you can use your old books as decoration for your home such as shelves or flower pots. We present you 20 creative ideas how to repurpose your old books and make something new with them…

Book lamp (Source)

Book Clock (Source)

Coffee table from upcycled books (Source)

Another creative lamp from reused books (Source)

Don’t think this bat could be use, but creativity is here! (Source)

Why not a pencil holder?

Cute little birdhouse (Source)

Books planter (Source)

Library Information Desk (Source)

Great chandelier from repurposed books (Source)

A Shabby Chic lamp (Source)

A fllor lamp (Source)

Wall shelves from repurposed vintage books (Source)

Expose them inside a frame (Source)


Another way of using old books as wall decoration (Source)

Creative pendant decoration (Source)

A Christmas tree only made from repurposed books.

Garden decoration (Source)

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