Fragmented Plywood Furnishings

The Mate Chair is a customizable furniture piece created by designer Dave Rittinger. Made from reclaimed wood, the fragmented seater features a versatile and fun design that can be transformed according to its user’s aesthetic preference.

This transformable furniture piece displays a sleek and linear frame that is collapsed to reveal an angle enriched foundation of multiple wood levels. When collapsed, the complex Mate Chair reveals its matching counterpart, the Mate Table.

Hidden within the seater’s square foundation, the fragmented table can be brought out or safely stowed away without worry. This furniture duo makes a perfect addition to any small scaled interior that is in need of space saving design. The chair and table combo also serve as a striking spatial focal point thanks to their sculptural foundation and wood gradient texture.

Fragmented Plywood Furnishings Design

Fragmented Plywood Furnishings Design
Fragmented Plywood Furnishings Design

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