Bio Computer

Total Geekdom’s Mike Schropp has come up with a way to use the amounts of life cycle carbon your computer contributes to the environment to grow a patch of wheatgrass.
There are two excellent reasons to grow plants out of your computer. One, it’s pretty. Two, it’s nutritious. Three, the waste heat actually helps the plants grow, and four, you’re helping to offset the massive amounts of lifecycle carbon that your computer is responsible for.

Using a donated, old Pentium 4 CPU-fitted computer, the designer created a mini kitchen garden atop the computer case using Plexiglas components worth around $20. When you run the inefficient unit, the soil filled heat pipes absorb the heat and provide enough heat to germinate and grow the wheatgrass. The effect is similar to what happens in a greenhouse and you can use the wheatgrass in your meals as well.

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