Furniture from Discarded Weapons of War by Mati Karmin

While renowned Estonian sculptor Mati Karmin has created works of art from all kinds of mediums, he is most famous for his work with scrap metal and discarded relics of warfare. His interest in these materials grew from seeing the northern coast of Estonia and its nearby islands littered with corroded metal sea mines. He went on to build lounge chairs, baby carriages, furnaces, and all kinds of everyday pieces of furniture from discarded mines and bombs. There is something very poetic about creating items used for rest, relaxation, and growing a family, from an item designed to destroy lives with maximum efficiently. Almost all of the items have a utilitarian purpose and are modified with glass, metal mesh, and leather to make them fully functional. Here are just a few great examples of his work.

Furniture from Discarded Weapons of War by Mati Karmin Design Sustainability

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